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These Lemon Blondies are the perfect way to enjoy a taste of spring and summer! Also known as lemon brownies, they are made with a burst of citrus and are not overly sweet. Enjoy the soft and delicious texture of these delectable treats - they are sure to brighten up any day!


Ingredients: all-purpose flour, sugar, butter, eggs, salt, lemon extract, lemon zest


Sold to 4 bloggers :


Each set contains:

9 in-process photos (shared),

12+Hero Shots both vertical and horizontal (not shared)

The recipe includes step-by-step instructions, Notes, and Equipment Link Guide for Amazon if needed.

Each photo is carefully staged for the best lighting and has been edited in Lightroom for you!

Photos and recipes are available for immediate download.


Lemon Blondies-Light Concrete

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